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Fabulous podfic: On One's Knees

One One's Knees, by Pir8Fancier, read with eloquent passion by [info]raitala.

This is a wonderful treat. Probably the best H/D I have ever read. I love Draco in this: Slytherin through and through. Healer!Harry is one of my favorite tropes. [info]pir8fancier doesnt flinch at imagining the consequences of the war, and H & D have some important discussion while they work things out. It even has two endings, depending on how soppy you want it! and, believe it or not, it's canon compliant.

Best of all, [info]raitala reads to you in a lovely accent, and does a fine job of voicing each distinct character.

So do yourself a favor, and download this lovely story for your ipod.

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This sounds good, so I'm downloading now :-)

I do need to know, though, because I haven't read it, are there any particular warnings, but more importantly: Do I get a happy ending? (I have a current attack of angst-fear.)

ah, be sure to listen to the Part 4 with alternate soppy ending. I wouldnt call it soppy myself, I think Pir8Fancier is very realistic and true to character, but our boys do manage to get together, as well as get other things they want out of life too.

Warnings, hmm. Draco's bad memories of Azkaban and the fallout from that are the most difficult elements in this fic, I think. There are plenty of misread signals between hour boys, but that is pretty entertaining, since we all know where we are going, eventually. Ron is a background character, but he is not a nice guy.

and the snarky but touching humour more than oftsets any misery IMHO

but our boys do manage to get together, as well as get other things they want out of life too. I would say that very much constitutes happy. It doesn't need to be all fluffy, pink bunnies ;-)

*nods* I can deal with that, perfectly. Thanks.

I would have to agree about the humour too. Thanks a lot for the help and the red! I look forward to listening.

I absolutely loved that story. One of my all-time favorites, and it's so perfectly in character, so desperate, so dark, and yet hopeful.

I wish I had an ipod so I could listen to these...

One of these days. :D