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Advent Drabble 27: In the Barn

Title: In the Barn
Prompt 27 ice palace
Pairing/characters: Remus
Rating: PG
Warning: angst, this is no fairy tale family
Words: 100 x 3
A/N: A sequel to Boxing Day

December 27, 1971 -- the Lupin's Prickhollow Farm

Remus headed for the barn. The wind had calmed but the cold was deep. Long icicles hung from the eaves like pointed teeth. The animals welcomed him, their breath plumes of steam. He filled their mangers with sweet-scented hay, and began pitching soiled bedding into the barrow with a strange fervour.

Everything feels familiar but a little off, as if seen sideways or through an old mirror. It's as if the world had shifted out of kilter since he left for school.

Well, I've learned some things, he thought. I know what I am. And I know it's his fault.


Remus began to speak his thoughts aloud, the cow swiveling her ears to listen.

"I know what you did, Dad. You met with Greyback to get stories. You disagreed about paying, and he made threats. And you blew it off as the ravings of a madman. I know you didn’t expect him to attack me. But he did."

He stabbed the pitchfork into the stinking pile with a bitter thrust.

"You would trade me for a good story or an old book. If you'd protected me, this wouldn't have happened. Now I am, and for evermore, your son the beast."


Fury boiled over into despair, and Remus slumped in the corner and wept. He folded himself up, small as he could, heaving wretched sobs into his folded arms until the cow nosed him gently with maternal concern.

It's just one more reason I am not your valued child. Would you throw Mum to the wolves as well? Do you hate me for being more like her?

He stroked the cow's velvet muzzle and began to breathe normally again. He stood and brushed the straw from his clothes. And made a vow.

No one will ever catch me off guard again.

to be continued...

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aww poor Remus *cuddles*

poor Remus, I want to comfort him