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Venturous [userpic]
Advent Drabble 18: End of the Party

Title: End of the Party
Author: Venturous
Prompt 18 exploding champagne
Pairing/characters: Remus, Severus, Lily, James Potter
Rating: G
Warning: no sign of prompt anywhere
Words: 150
A/N: A sequel to Wait and See

Gryffindor common room December 1971

Lily arrived and flopped down next to Snape. "What are you two still on about?" "Lupin here is telling fairy stories." Severus rolled his eyes dramatically. Remus glared at him, but met his gaze, which was warm and amused.

"Oh no, here comes that arrogant toe-rag." Lily leaned against Severus' shoulder. "Make him go away, Sev."

James Potter strode across the common room, trailed by sycophants. "Ok, girls, party's over. Lupin, Evans, make sure this slimy snake gets escorted out the portrait hole. We can't have Slytherin scum slinking around here unsupervised."

Severus looked at Potter and entourage, carefully considering his options. Lily wanted him to make a stand. He rose to his feet and summoned his most confident glare.

Fortunately Remus came to the rescue, standing beside him. "Severus is harmless, Potter. I will see to it that he gets back to his dungeons." James looked distinctly disappointed.

to be continued


ooh Remus beat Severus to it, excellent :D

What a nice twist--Lils asking Sev to make James go away... but tsk Remi, talk about letting the air outa the sails! Referring to Sev as harmless? Ouch!

yay, Remus!

Yay Lils & Remus!

I love James looking distinctly disappointed. With his sycophants. Yay for Remus not being one of them, this time!