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Drawings by JKR

I had never seen these before, and they are quite charming! 

A poignant moment:

A Surly Professor

Here's the article with more drawings....

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"Cocks not Glocks" UT students are at it again

University of Texas students are packing dildos donated by sex shops to protest the campus 'open carry' law allowing weapons. Sex toys are explicitly forbidden on campus.

“Every mass shooting they say, ‘Oh, if everyone has their own guns, someone will be able to stop it.’ But that just isn’t how it’s turned out. It’s devastating. I mean, after Sandy Hook there’s been no gun reform or anything and I don’t know what it’s going to take after that,” said Zenyth Gale, 22.

Read more:

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I was expecting more from an artist...

Soraya Doolbaz: "My project is called Dicture Gallery and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Dick Pictures. But these aren’t just your regular dick pics. These are dick pics with a twist! It’s an artistic take on an otherwise alluring modern dating tactic."

'Alluring' ?  oh dear.

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Wordnik Word of the Day

Wordnik Word of the Day for July 05, 2016


Someone who sells or works with animal hides and skins.

Then finding him so good and kind, and anxious to improve the age, I told him almost everything; how much I paid the fellmonger, and all the things I had been to see; and how I longed to get away, before the corn was ripening; yet how (despite of these desires) I felt myself bound to walk up and down, being under a thing called 'recognisance.'
Lorna Doone; a Romance of Exmoor

I once read the letter of a contemporary of HOBBES, where I found that this great philosopher, when a lad, used to ride on packs of skins to market, to sell them for his father, who was a fellmonger; and that in the market-place he thus early began to vent his private opinions, which long afterwards so fully appeared in his writings.
Literary Character of Men of Genius Drawn from Their Own Feelings and Confessions

So I set out and rode to Ware, this night, in the way having much discourse with a fellmonger, -- [A dealer in hides.] -- a Quaker, who told me what a wicked man he had been all his life-time till within this two years.
Diary of Samuel Pepys — Complete

The word 'fellmonger' is a compound of 'fell' (a hide or pelt) and 'monger' (a trader or dealer).

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I just watched Eye in the Sky (some spoilers)

I just watched Eye in the Sky with Helen Mirrin, Aaron Paul and Alan Rickman.

It's the first time I've seen Rickman in a film since his death.

mild spoilers )

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Potter Next Gen casting

Here's Harry, Albus Severus & Ginny, from the casting for HP & the Cursed Child. (Where's James & Lily?)

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What a song can do...

They're playing this wonderful triad of Cars songs: Bye Bye Love/Moving in Stereo/All Mixed Up, and I am breathing in the spring blossom air and having a powerful flashback...

It's 1981, and I am teaching in my first professional job, art teacher at a suburban Detroit high school. I'm so fresh out of school that my students flirt with me and leave joins in my desk drawer. (When I do my daily patrol duty and head out the back doors to break up the gangs of smokers, I wink at the pot smokers and tell them not to let me see it, and they seem to appreciate this.)

One kid had a big crush on me, and would do anything just to hang around my classroom. I liked him alot, and I was pretty sure he had a crummy home situation, so we spent time after school on a regular basis. I used to help him with his other homework. Then I'd drive him home.

I knew this job couldn't last; it was a temp post for a senior teacher who had fallen ill. They were hiring a permanent teacher and I'd applied, but didn't have a snowball's chance.

My young friend was filled with the angst and ennui of being 16. I remember listening to a lot of "what's the point of..." fill in the blank arguments from him, and feeling the dread of oncoming life as we approached his house on those spring evenings.

I was drawn to him, too. I remember savouring the lust and being just smart enough to sit on it.

So those three songs put me back in my beat up VW Rabbit, red and black interior, with the scent of spring, burnt oil and teen lust in the air.

Memory is awesome.

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Equinox, teetering on the Edge

We're shivering on the edge of spring here, damp chill just waiting for the sun to declare that leaves and blossoms can burst open.

I had a great frisky week, the first time in months I felt great, finally having shaken the bronchitus/asthma that was dragging me down for most of late winter. My water aerobics class has been a BLAST! this week we did kick-boxing and African dance. Damn, I can do many things if I'm in the water!

Fandom wise, working too much to follow anything much, although I am enjoying The Night Manager which is persuading me that there might be something to this Hiddleston thing people swoon about. Also, Hugh Laurie as a bad guy? WTF!  Also really enjoying (the pain of) Hannibal rewatches, tweeting with the Fannibals.

I'm poised to spring into action when the cherry blossoms pop, all the painting gear is in the van ready to go. You can keep an eye on them HERE with the Cherry Blossom Cam. Today, they have a faint reddish haze, but weather-appropriately are closed up tight.

Speaking of cool video cams, have you been watching the Eagles? The National Arboretum has a nesting pair of bald eagles that just hatched their second egg, and they have two high def cams on them, including infared at night, for 24 hour eagle voyeurism! Friday morning when I got to the pool, a crowd was gathered around the lobby telly - I asked with concern, "oh no, what's happened?"
"The eagle baby hatched!" was the joyous reply. So much better news that we often get. Yay, spring.

In other news, I'm coming down with something again. ARG! I crashed early Friday with a sore throat and have been guzzling vitamin C. Truth be told, I am stressing big time about getting in enough work. My best client and biggest bread and butter project ended in January and hustling to replace the income has been nerve wracking. I've found myself collecting change out of the dresser for gas, and getting coffee beans from friends, just to make the rent.

It makes me realize how fortunate I have been so much of my life, not having to worry about the basics. this week I visited the local food pantry and volunteered some PR work and brought home a bag of groceries. It was humbling, yes, but mostly heart-warming. I'm helping them promote their fundraising concert and other PR, and we'll see what else.

So, I'm putting out the call, if anyone need a new or refreshed website, take a look at my work HERE, including the newest ones for a Physical Therapist and a personal trainer. I'm pleased with how nice they look! I am a good trainer via Skype, so I can work with anyone online. My prices are ultra-reasonable and I will also barter in some cases. All inquiries and referrals are gratefully appreciated and responded to.

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Supervenus, a short film

Supervenus, a short film about what the male gaze has done to the ideal image of womens beauty

warning for animated gorewatch video )

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I love these! Women aroused by Waves

Of course, I do get off on the power of the ocean. I mean, check her out:

you understand why I can never go back to human men, of course
what this imminent wave and I are about to have together is almost certainly going to be very special

More here

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this cheered me up immensely

Why I can’t stop putting dildos into the hands of powerful conservatives

there's more here

and HERE

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We can be Heroes

David Bowie's death is hitting me hard. of course, there is much media, including my blog, HERE

David's final recording Blackstar, released just last week, is streaming on Amazon Prime Music, FWIW. The vids from the new record are dark and bizarre, worth a look if you like that sort of thing.

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Sherlock TAB tomorrow night

Although none of my nearby pals are interested, I got a ticket for Sherlock: the Abominable Bride in Alexandria for tomorrow night.
Hey. life is short and fandom is fun! May as well see it a 3rd time, and enjoy the extras.

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Yuletide Recs Post #2

More recs from Yuletide!

start a love train

Fandom: The Martian
Mark Watney et al
I've been back on the Hermes for twenty days now. And holy shit, is it amazing! I'd forgotten how awesome sex is!

Weapons of Misdirection

Fandom: Fake News RPF
Stephen Colbert, Sweetness, Jon Stewart
A love story (or two) through the sights of a gun.

Touch the Sky

Fandom: Galaxy Quest
Characters: Gwen DeMarco/Jason Nesbit
 when the series is renewed, Gwen gets her due

The Terrible Doom That Came To Honeysuckle Cottage

Fandom: Cthulu mythos, Honeysuckle Cottage by Wodehou
It was a dark and stormy night....

En Prise

Fandom: 2001 a space odyssey
In 1992, HAL is born on a college campus in Illinois.

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Inking it Out! Commit to your wordcount in 2016

promotional banner 'write 75000 words in 2016'

Want to write 75,000 words or more in 2016? Join us at [community profile] inkingitout - sign up for a challenge and get weekly check-ins and support.

Sign up here!

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Dr. Strange's cover debut

Bene graces the cover of EW as Dr. Strange

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Yuletide Recs Post #1

I'm slow to get to Yuletide this year FSR, but enjoying every tasty thing, starting with my gift:

Draw a White Chalk Baphomet
Fandom: Dig (TV)
Characters: Golan Cohen/Peter Connelly
'ineffective doomsday cults'

The Ones I Used To Know
Fandom: White Christmas, Agent Carter
Characters: Bob Wallace & Phil Davis, Peggy Carter & Angie Martinelli
While onstage in New York, Bob Wallace notices a familiar face in the crowd.

After All These Years
Fandom: Better Call Saul
Saul Goodman aka Jimmy McGill/Kim Wexler, HHM staff
a long one, but sweet, a kind of fix-it fic

Step Back. Reality Check.
Fandom: Mr. Robot
Characters: Elliot Alderson/Joanna Wellick/Tyrell Wellick
captures the dissociative nature of the show

We'll Fly By Day
Fandom: Moonlighting
Characters: Maddie, David, Agnes DePesto
ridiculous and fun, like the original

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Marry Christmas, you lovelies

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OK, now I'm getting excited!

Start at 3:30

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