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 I am mesmerized by the volcano. Each night I spend time checking in with a range of lava videos, including some local residents who are documenting their experiences. The USGS, civil defense, mainstream news AND once in a while an offering from the prepper clans, ever ready for the apocalyptic. 

It's devastating, it's haunting, it's magnificent, it's terrifying. Some vids are terse and informational, some poetic, and sometimes helicopter shots without narration are just right. It's been amazing to watch this place transform, a fiery fountain just casually emerging in a tranquil neighborhood! This 'fissure 8' is on its way to becoming a new mountain. 
here are some favorites.

The first three post something every day. 

This dawn hangout with Scott of Apau Hawaii Tours:

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I've been lurking pretty much for the last year, since I landed an extraordinary job, the closest thing to a "dream job" I have ever had. It took everything I had, but I gave it willingly. I felt like I belonged, that I was making a difference, that I supported a group that was saving the world, one wetland at a time. I met the most interesting people. I did some great work.

cut for angst )So you may see me around more, as I need respite from reality, as I puzzle out what's next.

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Comment NOW to prevent rampant offshore drilling

Here is the link for submitting public comment on proposed changes to offshore drilling areas. Mainly , it opens EVERYTHING up to deepwater drilling. We saw how well that went in the Gulf of Mexico 6 years ago. The Gulf is still struggling to recover. We now have to subsidize one profitable fisheries, because we need to reduce harvest long enough for the fish and shellfish to recover from that deadly event.

If you live near the coast, have ever been to the coast, or even like to look at beach photos, PLEASE take the time to register your viewpoint on this proposed regulation change.

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Full Moon card drawing

oh goodie!
[Bad username: [personal profile] wyld_dandelyon]  is having another card draw in honor of the recent full moon.

This is the Worm Moon, and I wondered why, until I saw this pic. It's true, the Robins came back last week. Of course it was nearly 70• then. Today its 29 and thickly iced. No worms today, boys!

Go HERE and consult the oracle for some spring guidance. 

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Watching The Path, Magicians, Young Pope, Homeland & Legion

Current Amusements in TV land:

The Path
While watching for Hugh Dancy I am falling for Aaron Paul and Michelle Monaghan. I want Eddie to be the real deal spiritual leader. Not sure if we're heading there, but watching Cal (fancy) twist in his bitter karma is addictive enough to keep me coming back. 

The Magicians  I loved the books despite their cynicism, so I'm here to watch how it plays out. I still hate what Grossman did to the Goddess myth, ugh. The performances aren't always great, but Quentin looks the part, and his cluelessness is appropriate. I guess Julia and Penny are really the most vibrant portrayals. Sorry to see Marina go - I'm a real fan of @KaceyKadoodles

The Young Pope
wtf is this? When I saw it was directed by Sorrentino I was already hooked. Loved that guy's films The Great Beauty and Youth, despite the arrogant central male characters. Oh, the landscape, living quarters and fabulous wardrobe! Red shoes, you scamp. I love the parallel of a legitimized iconoclast wreaking havoc with a beloved institution - helps me lighten up about reality.  Also, why is it that Jude Law looks SO different to me in this role? did they do something to his nose? I can't  figure it out. 

Homeland oh, dear. Quinn is not the greatest babysitter. Or he is, willing to deploy firepower to protect his charge? Thank goodness Carrie finally believes him. That Quinn survived at all stretches believability, I think he's been resurrected by Quarrie fans. But I must admit its good to see him recovering his instincts. 

Legion - it was a few scenes into Legion S01E01 before I realized that was DAN STEVENS aka Matthew Crowley. Well, well! I was so upset when Downton Abbey killed him off I quit watching the show! (I'm known to react badly to the killing off of main characters.) He certainly is more expressive. However E02 was rather chaotic, and I'm not sure I'm staying with it.

What are YOU watching, enjoying? fill me in!

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Declaring a Drumpf-free Zone - focusing on positive efforts

I'm suffering from political angst overload, and see friends grappling with same. 

THIS ARTICLE helped me articulate how You Know Who is co-opting media on so many levels. 

Why pay attention to that blowhard when there's news like THIS! =>

So I'm making a conscious effort to find things to celebrate. 

I wil still pass on info on positive actions that can support causes I hold dear (pretty much the liberal laundry list, - women, POC, queers, religious freedom, the planet, animals, art, science & education... did I forget anything?)

But I won't say his name anymore. I won't be part of his "success" in the form of media mentions.

So tell me, what's good in your life?

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Panicking Early - new job jitters!

 I guess I should expect an adjustment after nearly 7 years of freelancing/under-employment. But I was surprised to have a panic attack reporting to new office for security and badge process, including finger-printing. 

It wasn't so much the procedure itself, it was the NEWness, plus the 'be-on-time, traffic, getting-lost-because-I'm-anxious, NEW PEOPLE vibe that clobbered me as I arrived Friday afternoon. Yikes, I was actually SHAKING. **eyeroll*  *8pats self like a nervous dog**

I have 1.5 weeks to get ready for a whole new world. The work doesn't scare me at all: I know I am completely competent. (if you've known me a while you;ll know that is a BIG breakthrough!)

But, everything else seems to be monumentally terrifying! As if I were 6 years old! 

  • Big Buildings
  • Strange People
  • People with GUNS
  • Miles of corridors and spaces that all look alike
  • Rules, rules, rules!
This list shows me what a wild child I have been in recent years! Well, yeah - look how much  'civilizing I had to go thru to get ready:
  • haircut
  • mani-pedi
  • skincare & makeup
  • wardrobe
I'm going to be FINE, I'm just scared is all!

Lately all these things have been luxuries. Now, more necessary.

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OMFG I have a JOB!

OMFG I have a JOB!

After a year plus of diligently applying to a handful of jobs each week, and getting precious few interviews, I figured my design was not hip enough, or my writing chops weren't of value - I really didn't expect much. 

But then I interviewed for this post where they needed someone good at writing AND design, and it's for a gov't agency promoting water quality and wetlands restoration!! The topic couldn't be more dear to my heart, the people seem amazing, the pay is good and the benefits are better.

Considering that our government science agencies are under some threat atm, what's great is that I'll actually work for a contractor who places me in said govt. office. The funding is paid in part from the BILLIONS of dollars in fines paid by an oil company you may recall fucked up a major body of water a few years ago.  

It's as if everything fell into place. I am really kind of stunned! After 6+ years of financial bad luck, bad decisions, losing my house, and living month to month as a broke freelancer, it's a helluva change.

Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to work I go! 


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Suggestion: Follow ThisFineCrew for post-2016 strategies

[community profile] thisfinecrew  is a " community is intended to be a place to gather links to resources and step-by-step actions to take to be more involved in various efforts in the wake of Donald Trump's election to the Presidency. It's going to be relatively low-key, focused on simple things you can do and sharing information for larger things you can do to protect yourself and your fellow at-risk Americans."

For Instance, THIS POST on actions already unfolding in state government to protect, as well as deny, our rights.

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Correspondence, part 2 - for TJ

See part 1 here.

Correspondence, an epistolary flirtation, Part 2

Read more... )to be continued...

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Snowflake Challenge Day 7: Create a fan work

Day 7 Create a fanwork.

I'm taking this opportunity to post something that is long overdue, for a friend who deserves All Good Things. Several years ago I was given [personal profile] tjs_whatnot as a giftee( for Kinky Xmas, I think) and I never finished writing her gift. I had started it though, so for this Snowflake I decided it was time to finish it.

Title: Correspondance Part 1 Part 2
Gift tjs_whatnot

Fandom: Harry Potter
Remus Lupin/Severus Snape

Rating: R

Warnings: denial, bad jokes, dirty cartoons, bad poetry, and more...

Word Count: @1,000

Summary/Description: an epistolary story

Author's Notes: In order to preserve the graphics and formatting, it's posted as multiple 8.5 x 11 images. Please let me know if have trouble viewing.

PART 1 of 4



Read more... )

Part Two

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Flakey Snowflake is still here! - repost

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

I fixed some errors in the original post- which made it impossible to enjoy thes 3 great fics. 

Day 5 post recs for at least three fanworks that you did not create.

Oh, there are so many beautiful things!

My first LJ fandom was Harry Potter. I soon fell for Snape/Harry and was head over heels for that ship for quite a while. There are so many legendary ss/hp writers, it's hard to choose, but here's one I love:

Esse Quam Videri (to Be or to Seem) by [personal profile] torino10154
A non-magical AU with Severus and Harry in a small North Carolina town in the 1950's. Though this may sound improbable, it's a great story.

The Shape I Found You In / Lay Me Down by [personal profile] irisbleufic
  & [personal profile] moony 
Explicit; In which Sherlock invades Sweden, John watches too much questionable television, both of them finally Discuss Things, and absence makes the heart grow odder. Crime-solving tourism abounds. Probably in my top 5 for this fandom, it's got a good case, texted conversations, and romance.

The Sensation of Falling as You Just Hit Sleep by [Bad username: [personal profile] greywash]
Explicit; Sherlock/John and other pairings.
Written soon after TRF when we were all angst and craving the resolution (that never arrived, certainly not in S3!) this story was brilliant and satisfying and clever and rewarding.

Day 6 create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive.

  1. Any remixes or transformative works based on my work is always welcome.
  2. David Bowie icons most welcome!
  3. Recs for the best thing you've read in the last 6 mo. Any fandom - if you adore it there's probably a good reason.

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Snowflake Day 3: Set some goals, Day 4 Interact with Someone

Snowflake Day 3: Set some goals

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Goals! Good Idea.

FANDOM GOALS  I will be more active on DW this year. I drifted away then felt far, far away, not good! So, at least weekly visits, and more posting. 

I'm NOT going to sign up for PurimGifts (are you sure, Ven? It's tempting!) BUT I am going to finish the sequel I intended for last year's Molly+Sherringford story. 

Other Goals:

Draft Novel: I'm halfway through a rewrite This Island Home, begun during NaNo, and will be looking for beta readers in March. It's Cassandra Bartlett's "junior year abroad" and things don't go as planned. loosely autobiographical, set in Scotland. Includes a whiff of the paranormal.

ART PRODUCTS: I've launched my first printed product with my artwork, a Cat Calendar. It's selling well despite how late it is. I will be better prepped for NEXT YEAR.

DONT GIVE UP I worked hard last year on both my small business and my sucking depression. Both of them inched forward, well, more like 5 steps forward 2 steps back. So lots of movement. Whoever told me it would get easier....  well, yes, and no. 

HEALTH last year I was in water aerobics 3 days a week for the first half of the year. Second half I couldn't afford it. I am returning next week, and vow to keep it up. Lack of exercise in the past 2 years has aged me quite a bit. In addition, I will find an ortho MD who will take me on. It requires me to be stubborn and chase after people. the first one is easy, the 2nd not so much. But I will walk easily, and god willing pain free, the half mile to and from my waterfront park by years end. 

Snowflake Day 4: Interact with someone

I jumped on this Let's Stick Together Friending meme at [personal profile] st_aurafina 's journal, and lo! new friends, yay. I've added a handful of new people to my feed and had some nice back and forth. 

Hi new friends! **waves**

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Snowflake Day 2: Share a book/song/movie/tv show/fanwork/etc that changed your life

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Share a book/song/movie/tv show/fanwork/etc that changed your life

V for Vendetta brought me into online fandom. Before that, my fannish behavior was small to none. I'd attended a few Star Trek cons back in the day, but I wasn't really paying much attention to media, stories, movies, creators, actors or anything like that. 
I was interested in the movie since I loved the Matrix. That was such a revolutionary film about consciousness, I wondered what else these siblings would come up with. Oh, and also, a photo of the V mask in Rolling Stone article was haunting me. That FACE.

Read more... )

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Snowflake Challenge Day 1

I've been awol and feeling disconnected so duh, get back in the game, Ven!

Post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created.

#1. Well, this year a Sherlock Holmes ACD fic I wrote several years ago was discovered again, and i was pleased to see it get more views. I remember working out the timelines to make it possible for Oscar Wilde and Sherlock Holmes to meet at Oxford. Here it is:

Wilde Life, a gift for [Bad username: [personal profile] mundungus] in the Holmestice June 2012

When Oscar Wilde is imprisoned, Holmes begins to act strangely
3,500 words M/M, mature, ACD canon, Sherlock Holmes, Oscar Wilde

#2. I did fan art in Harry Potter for some years - I tried many styles and techniques and learned a lot, but never developed a popular style or much of a following. Still, I have my faves. Here's one:

Title: Time to Become a Man
Artist: venturous
Pairing(s)/Characters: Regulus, Kreacher
Summary: RAB has made his choice, and given instructions to Kreacher. No turning back, now.
Read more... )#3

Title: Illustration for  The Secret of Seeing Rightly by Quill Lumos
 Snape & Potter
Rating: from  PG to NC17
Media: watercolour
Summary: Recovering slowly from Nagini's bite, Snape has forced Harry into being his caretaker. This doesn't begin as a happy situation, but over time the two find peace

click for art )

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Mysterious Sherlock teaser

Venturous [userpic]
John Oliver's response to the 2016 Election

Watch until the end - at least it's a brief feel-good moment.

PS: I'm a country girl, much prefer to live in the wilderness, but after the election map, and now the people in this video, I think I need to live in NYC. ;-(

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Demand Issues Talk, not Vicious Talk!!

My friend Terry has launched an urgent petition to demand that tonight's moderator, Chris Wallace, insist that the candidates stay on the issues and do not distract us with personal attacks, muck raking and accusations.

Implore Chris Wallace to demand - No vicious talk! Just issues talk!

Please support if you can!!


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Dear Yuletide Letter

Dear writer, I am so excited! Yuletide is such a magical time of year. I'm sending you visions of sugarplums or whatever holiday fantasy lights your Yule tree... knowing that I'm crafting a gift for Someone, and you are making one for me.

This is just a brief likes & dislikes for additional guidance, in no particular order. I've put some prompts in my signup, but know that wherever the Muse takes you is fine by me.

I really like:
Character development, altered states of consciousness, deep and mysterious connections between unlikely people, angst, hurt/comfort, slash, lingering on the early stages of attraction. hands, white shirts, long dark hair, undressing, darkness with a glimpse of light, bad weather, lost in the landscape, thrown together by fate, powerful attraction between those who shouldn't be a couple, angst, longing, strong women, pretty men, ugly men, big women, smart characters, dreams, age difference, cultural differences, hidden magic, possible telepathy or clairvoyance, UST, characters who think they're unlovable or unattractive as love objects, casefic, mystery, surprise, travel, moonlight, fog, dusk, nature elements, ancient history, rebellious science, things are not as they seem.

I don't like:
Fluffy het romance, MarySues, threesomes, jealousy, infidelity, brutality toward women, porn with no plot, extreme kink, non-sexual body fluids, too-perfect bodies, poor grammar, and HEA.

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Look what's BACK!!!

The Snape Showcase, a winter fest celebrating the Potions Master in all his life stages. I just mioght come out of the shadows to join in.

Snape Showcase
[info]snapecase: Celebrating Severus Snape throughout his ages!

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